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Accu Gage Tire Pressure Gauge

The accu gage brand offers precision tire pressure gauges with world class quality.

The accu gage tire pressure gauge is manufactured by G.H.Meiser & Co. The accu gauge brand offers pencil gauges and digital tire pressure gauges in addition to the dial type gauges. However the Accu Gage is famous for their mechanical dial tire pressure gauges especially their speciality series.

Accu Gage Dial Tire Pressure Gauge

The dial type air pressure guages from Accu-gage are made out of brass bezel and in durable steel cases. Following are some of the key features of these devices.

  • Polished brass bezel, stem and pressure release valve assembly.
  • Durable steel case with accurate 2 inch dial
  • Dual range scales with psi and kPa or kg/cm2 are available
  • Needle holds pressure reading until released. Pushbutton valve bleeds air to desired pressure.
  • Excellent for all types of passenger vehicles
  • Accu-gage offers lifetime warranty for their tire pressure gauges.

Accu Gage 100PSI Range

The Accu-gage Tire Pressure Guage is a professional Tire Pressure Gauge with 100 PSI Range and Straight Angle.accu gage tire pressure gauge When measuring air pressure at hard-to-reach tire valves, the flexible 11 inch hose between gauge and chuck is really useful. Like all the dial guages from AccuGauge, the body of this gauge is made in polished brass bezel, stem and pressure release valve assembly. You can measure the air pressure and hold the needle at the measured reading until the button is released. In case you have over inflated the tire, you can use the push button valve to release air to the correct are pressure.

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