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Tire Pressure monitoring systems and pressure gauges.
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Pencil Style Tire Pressure Gauge

Pen type or Pencil Tire Pressure Gauges are the simplest mechanical gauges for measuring air pressure.

SLiME South Pacific Pty Ltd which established since 1989 has been an innovator in tire gauges, tire repair technology and tire sealant. The Australian based company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified firm which also got thier US unit at SLiME Accessories Marketing, Inc., CA 93433 USA .

Slime Low Pressure Tire Gauge

The Slime 1011-A low tire pressure gauge is a pencil type mechanical device. This light weight slime tire pressure gauge is ideal for measuring tires with low-pressure inflation. Let's see some of the important features of Slime 1011-A tire gauge.

  • Measuring range: 1 - 20 PSI
  • Light weight: Only 1.12 ounces
  • Slime 1011-A comes with 4 bonus valve caps
  • Slim pencil type design

Slime 1011-A Low Tire Pressure Gauge.Low Pressure tire gauge
This equipment is ideal for measuring low tire pressure of AVT (All-Terrain Vehicle), riding mowers, lawn tractors or any other vehicle with low pressure tires. It is important to keep the tire properly inflated in AVT and other vehicles with low tire pressure mainly for safety reasons. The Slime pencil type low air pressure gauge is ideal for keeping the tires at ideal pressure.

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