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Tire Pressure monitoring systems and pressure gauges.
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Tire Pressure Sensors

To ensure safety of the passenger monitor air pressure with the help of tire pressure sensor suitable for your vehicle.

Tire pressure sensors come in a wide variety. From the simple pressure indicating valve caps to complex tire pressure monitoring systems. Depending up on the type of vehicle you can select the right tire pressure sensor for your cars, bikes and other automobiles.

Multiple Function Pressure Sensor Valve Cap

These valve caps with tire pressure indicators are simple device to monitor air pressure. Below are some of the key features of air pressure sensor valve caps.
  • Pressure sensor range: 32-36psi PSI
  • Extremely easy to use. You don't need to remove the valve caps to monitor tire pressure
  • Easily see the tire pressure level with a quick glance at the valve caps.
  • Use the bleed valve to drop air pressure to desired tire pressure easily

Tire Pressure Indicator Valve Caps.Tire pressure Sensor Valve
The green color on the tire pressure sensor valve cap indicates that the air pressure is in the safe level and the red color is a warning which tells you that the air pressure is low and it is time for you to inflate your car tires. Unfortunately this type of tire pressure sensors can only alert of low air pressure and won't tell you the exact air pressure if it is over inflated. You have to use a mechanical or digital tire pressure gauge to get the exact reading.

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Dorman Tire Pressure Sensor

The Dorman pressure sensor is easy to use and relatively inexpensive when compared to high end pressure monitoring systems.

Tire Pressure Sensor for Air Pressure Monitoring.Tire pressure Sensor
This valve stem style device from Dorman is a tire pressure sensor and transmitter. The pressure sensor in the picture is Dorman 974-019 Nissan/Infiniti Tire Pressure Monitor System Sensor. The equipment is really hand and weighs only 2.4 ounces. See more tire pressure sensor models here.

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